To Be the Trusted, Recognized Global Leader In Management , Information Technology Services & Consultancy.


To Provide Sincere, Need-Based, Focused & Business Driven advice.

To Design and Deliver Strategically, Performance Aligned & Quality Driven Solutions and Services.

To Exceed Customer Expectation Through Focused Approch and Committed Deliverables.

To Be A Knowledge - Driven Organization with Continous Investment In People, Skills & Technology.

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 Matrix Star is a Team & Knowledge based establishment providing management, business solutions, technology services consultancy through committed and focused approach in delivering innovative & effective solutions.

Our performance based business strategy helps clients perform at the highest levels so they can develop sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. Utilizing our industry knowledge, service-oriented expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the globe.

Our clients would call us when they need to :

• Explore new markets.
• Improve & Enhance operational performance.
• Deliver their products and services more effectively
   and efficiently.
• Augment revenues in existing markets

Our Services ( Technology)

• Developing I.T Strategy & Policy
• Information Management
• I.T Project Management
• Infrastructure Management
• Business Solutions
• Service-oriented Architecture
• E-commerce Solutions
Our Services ( Management)

• Developing Corporate Strategy
• Enterprise Performance Management
• Finance Management
• Project Management
• Leadership Management
• Human Resource Management
• Change Management
• Audit and Cost Control management
• Training and Development